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Former graduate and post-graduate students

Benjamin McLauchlin

Ben is now a web and graphic designer for Frontier Science Foundation.

Dr. Vanessa Wuerthner 

Vanessa's dissertation examined the effects of natural and anthropogenic stressors on the amphibian skin microbiota. She is now working for the U.S. EPA.

Quentin Melnick-Kelly


Quentin received his M.S. and studied the effects of eutrophication on wetland ecosystems. He is now working as a technician in Dr. Rolf Karlstrom's lab at UMass


Dr. Nicholas Buss

Nick's dissertation examined the effects of road salts on host-parasite interactions. He is currently the Study Director of Toxicology at Calvert Labs

Dr. Grascen Shidemantle


Grascen's dissertation focused on the impact of light pollution on amphibian physiology, behavior, and ecology. She is now the Executive Director of the Community Science Institute.

Twitter: @Grasylvatica

Dr. Devin DiGiacopo

Devin's dissertation focused on the ecological and evolutionary impacts of human activity in freshwater wetlands.  working for the Teatown Lake Reservation as the Aquatic Invasive Species Program Coordinator.

Sydney Tredo


Sydney's thesis focused on understanding the effects of biotic and abiotic variables on amphibian feeding behaviors. She is now working with Broome County Parks.

Bridges to Baccalaureate Program Lab Alumni

Stephen Lantham

Anda Ochi

Kimoya Roach

Princess Figueroa

Michael Quarshie


Stephen is interested in the conservation of our ecosystems in this current state of climate change.

Anda is interested in understanding the effects of personal care products.

Kim worked on the effects of salt on amphibian behavior.


 Princess worked on the effects of salt on amphibian physiology.


Michael worked on the effects of pesticides on amphibian behavior.

Everine Mukeshimana


Eve worked to understand amphibian diseases like Ranavirus.

Undergraduate Students

The research conducted in the lab would not be possible without the incredible effort of our undergraduate team. Undergraduates in the Hua lab are highly involved from lab meetings to leading their own independent research projects. 

Click on the images above to read about their work and learn about their experiences in the lab!

Summer 2017 field season crew: Michael Quarshie, Sean Ryan, Jared Jaeger, Khiem Chau, Paradyse Blackwood, and Matthew Wersebe

Former undergraduate students

Jared Jaeger

Graduate student at RPI

Matt Wersebe- Graduate student at University of Oklahoma

Sean Ryan- Graduate student at University of Connecticut

Paradyse Blackwood- PhD student at Purdue University

Ying Guo (nursing), Vivian Wong (premed),

Jeff Baggs (journalism) 

Reggie Bernard- Pre-health

Jared, Khiem, and Vanessa 

Bri Sander and Dyllon Leather

Quentin Melnick-Kelley, Kelly Crane, and Dyllan May

Abby Kress.png

Dai Bui- Vet school at UW- Madison

Marina Carbi- Cornell University

Abigail Kress
Graduating 2021!


Rachel Verdi- University of Pittsburgh


Jurnee Blackwood

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Emily Low- Grad school SUNY Binghamton

Skylar Lai

Andy Chen

Kelsey Horn

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Graphic Design & SciComm team


Emily Ronan-
Medical School

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Leilani Santodomingo

Jessica Beskid-
Grad School SUNY Binghamton

Kathleen Lu

Apurva Singh

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Nora Hines

Emma Glembocki

Christina Jacob

Mike Stastny- Grad School SUNY Binghamton

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