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Outreach Efforts

Hua Lab Wild Waders

In collaboration with the local organizations, the Hua lab works to integrate art and interactive activities with hands on field experiences, to help local K-12 students, participants Achieve NY, and the general public participants engage with nature.


Towards this goal, this program (1) introduces participants to the vast diversity of organisms found in wetlands, (2) identifies contemporary issues that may be endangering these systems (3) demonstrate how a scientific approach focusing on ecological and evolutionary perspectives can contribute to wetland conservation. 

See how we work to address these goals below!














Art-Science Outreach Efforts

***All artwork by the talented lab alum, Benjamin McLauchlin! Check out his work LINK

Teacher workshop lead by Vanessa- thanks to generous funding from the Robert Schumman Foundation for funding this collaboration between Roberson Museum and Science Center, BOCES, and the Hua lab


Working with Nancy Coddington at WSKG to put together a short video on ecotoxicology!

Children's book on wetlands and parasite by Ben! Thanks to funding by NSF. This is targeted towards 3rd-5th graders and is paired with a lesson plan that meets Next Generation standards (please contact us if you are interested in this material!)

New art show on plastic pollution! Unnatural Selection!

2017 Art Show Outreach

"Where the Wetlands End" 

Time lapse of show Day 2

2016 Show: "Tadpole, Trematodes, and Toxins- Oh My!" 

Video tour of the exhibit. 

Previous outreach efforts:

Evolution: Teacher's K-12 workshop

This 6-day high school teachers’ workshop aims to examine scientific content and instructional strategies to explain the theory of evolution in classroom settings.


Creek Connections

Partnership between Allegheny College and local K-12 schools. This program has allowed me to interact and introduce high school juniors and seniors to local waterways.


Humans, Chemicals, and the Environment: Teacher's K-12 workshop

This 6-day workshop is designed to expose teachers to exciting research in ecotoxicology with an emphasis on how fundamental ecological and evolutionary principles can enhance our understanding of chemically induced impacts in nature.



Fish hatchery open house

In this event, I have worked with the PA State Hatchery,  to assist with an educational exhibit to educate the public about local wildlife and their habitats.

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