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Ecology, Pollutants, and You

Spring 2023; Tue/Thur 9:30- 10:45 am

Sample Syllabus

Final projects
Check out these neat student solutions to contemporary ecotoxicological problems!

Problem- Insecticide-induced bee declines

Solution- Teach public how to build solitary bee nests.

Product- Bee nest kits and Youtube video

Problem- Toxicological literacy among youth can be limited;

Solution- Introduce high schoolers to toxicology through active learning.

Product- A toxicology lesson plan that addresses NY next generation science standards

Problem- Contaminants in the water

Solution- Create an art piece to educate public about chemicals and how to avoid them.

Product- A 7- piece embroidery exhibit + informative plaque.

Problem- Public are not aware of chemicals / acidity of energy drinks; Solution- Teach public about the effects using social media. Product- Instagram account: @drink_what  #whatarewedrinking- photos

Problem- How do multiple chemicals interact

Solution- Conduct toxicological assay examining multiple contaminants.

Product- Data demonstrating the interactive effects of an antibacterial and pesticides.  

Problem- General public unawareness about bee declines

Solution- Increase awareness via social media

Product- Created a "save the bees" Snapchat filter

Problem- Lack of Chemical-use transparency 

Solution- Communicate chemical use using public medium

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